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Our Ministries

Some years ago, the Spirit of the Lord spoke through several men and women who are mentors in our lives and ministries that our focus was shifting from church as usual to that of training, mentoring and equipping -- and sending.  

There is a mighty harvest beginning in the earth.  The man called, The Apostle of Faith, Smith Wigglesworth prophesied a mighty end-time harvest which will continue until the coming of the Lord.  Evangelist Tommy Hicks, who saw the nation of Argentina changed forever with the Gospel some years ago had a vision of this mighty harvest.  

I believe we are in the beginning -- don't say, "It is coming..."  IT IS HERE!  Certain nations and areas are experiencing more than others, but it is here, it has begin.  Come and be a part!

Grace audience.jpg
Grace Fellowship - Monahans

Grace was founded in 1978 when the Holy Spirit swept through a small group of people and many felt the great hunger for more of God.  Since that time it has continued to be a hub of ministry and outreach.  Pastor Mark, who was involved as a teen in its founding, has led the congregation since 1990.  Photo is a service at Grace with Rona Spiropoulos teaching.

Parker Heights Christian

Founded in 1956 by a group of people who signed a charter to preach the Good News and reach out to the unloved and hurting.  Parker Heights, named after an historic Ranch property on which it sits, is a training center, a healing center, a revival and worship center of the move of God's Holy Spirit.  In 2004 Parker merged with Grace Fellowship, Inc. and we became one body with 2 campuses.  Photo is a service at Parker with Eva Dooley teaching.

PHC Eva Balcony.jpg
Peter and Rita share.JPG
College Ministry

Papa Jerry and Mama Judy Ball --  a mom and dad to encourage, exhort, and comfort many in the Ivy Leagues and other Universities across America.  For several years, we've had great privilege to partner with them in these outreaches to bring the Good News and Power of the Holy Spirit on campuses.  Photo is from Feb 2019 at Ignite Ivy in Boston with students from all 8 Ivy campuses.

Prison Ministry

For years I joined with Johnny & Mary Gonzales and led teams into the West Texas and New Mexico prisons.  Now, Roy and Maria Gray, and Norma Carrillo in her own ministry are leading teams to minister to these who are hurting and in such great need of comfort from the Lord.  Photo is Roy & Maria Gray who lead one of the prison outreaches.

Roy Maria Gray.jpg
Prayer for the Nation DC.jpg
Intercession and Prayer

Dinah Ward has led intercession and prayer for our church members, for our state and our nation.  Often joining with Pastor Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets in major meetings, these prayer warriors believe God for His promises.  After Elijah (1 Kings 18) received the word that rain would come, he still had to go to Mt. Carmel, and bow in prayer seven times to see the manifestation.  Photo is our team in Washington D.C. at a prayer & intercession gathering for the nation.

Music - Praise & Worship

Pastor Mark is an accomplished musician, and worshiper.  His desire is to train and raise up worshipers and musicians who move in the power of God.  Photo is of our dear friend and co-minister Claren McQueen training young worshipers and musicians in the campus ministry.  

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