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About us

our pastors:
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Dr. William Mark Bristow

Lead Pastor


Pastor | Teacher

Roy & Maria

Prison Outreach

Pastor Mark came to the Lord many years ago in one of Kathryn Kuhlman's great Miracle Services.  Over the years, he was privileged to minister alongside Ruth Fisher, Kathryn Kuhlman's longtime associate for many years, and served for 8 years with Aquilla Nash, whose program THE PROPHETIC WHISPER has aired on TBN and DAYSTAR.  He has a desire to see others experience the mighty power of God.

Info soon...

Roy & Maria Gray have been a part of the ministry for many years.  They started going into the Prisons with Pastor Mark and Evangelist Johnny Gonzales.  Then, they began to organize and go in leading teams.


The Power of God accompanies their ministry in the Federal and State Prisons in West Texas and Southern New Mexico.  Many are born again, strengthened and set free of bondages and addictions.

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